Joan Clements

Joan Clements

Joan Clements

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Types of Ovarian Activity in Women

Published in Human Reproduction this is a reinterpretation of earlier findings by Professor Emeritus James Boyer Brown.

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Successful Sex Pre-Selection

Published in the African Journal of Reproductive Health,the objective of the study was to test the hypothesis that gender can be preselected by timing coitus in relation to ovulation, the marker of ovulation being the Peak symptom according to the Billings Method.


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Thanks for the Family

From the Herald Sun this article tells the story of one couple's experience of The Billings Method.


Published in Australian Doctor this article includes a section on How to Treat and a Quiz for doctors.

The Billings Ovulation Method® is not just for women who are trying to conceive or for those who are wanting to avoid pregnancy. It is knowledge that every woman ought to have. Why? Because it can help you to safeguard your reproductive health.

The Billings Ovulation Method® Chart is Diagnostic

Changes in your cervical mucus are an accurate reflection of what is going on with your reproductive hormones. The chart you keep will be an accurate record of these hormonal events. Over 50 years of research and hormonal assays confirm this.

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Success in achieving pregnancy

subfertile 125The Billings Ovulation Method® is very successful at helping couples to achieve pregnancy naturally, even couples who thought they were infertile or who had failed attempts at IVF. Knowing how to identify your fertile time and your Peak of fertility optimises your chances of conceiving.

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The Cervix

"The cervix is a precision organ as complex as the eye."

The cervix lies between the vagina and the isthmus which leads to the body of the uterus. It is 25mm long and contains several hundred crypts (glands) lined by cells which, under hormonal and neural influence, manufacture mucus, which is released into the cervical canal.

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